Our projects

greenApes has always been actively involved in co-funded Research & Development projects. These projects provide great opportunities to grow and improve: we work on technological and social innovation actions, with great attention to psychological and behavioral models.
At the moment, greenApes is a consortium partner in the following projects:



PS LIFESTYLE - Co-Creating Positive and Sustainable Lifestyle Tool with and for European Citizens

This project includes a series of actions aimed at raising awareness among citizens about their environmental impact, providing quick access and easy-to-use tools that can help them towards the adoption of increasingly sustainable lifestyles.
The project is coordinated by SITRA, the Finnish Parliament's Innovation Fund, and is spread over 8 European countries - for Italy, greenApes and Fondazione per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile are the managing partners.
Project co-funded by the European Union (H2020 - Nr. 101037342). Role: project partners.


Prato Urban Jungle


Since May 2021, the greenApes platform has landed in Prato to reward sustainable choices of citizens! The Prato Urban Jungle project aims at promoting a creative and visionary urban design to re-naturalize the districts of Prato in a sustainable and socially inclusive way. To this end, "urban jungles" will be developed: areas with a high density of nature-based solutions, immersed in the urban structure, which multiply the natural ability of plants to break down pollutants while requalifying soil and transforming decaying areas into active green hubs.
Project co-funded by the UIA program (UIA04-176 PUJ). Role: project partners.


Past projects

During its years of activity, greenApes took part in several projects - at regional and European scale - that helped our growth and learning. Here below, we enlist the formal references to those projects:


AI-APES - Sustainability & AI

The financing of the Tuscany Region allows the realization of demonstrators and pilot solutions of Artificial Intelligence. As part of the AI-APES project, the demonstrator of a software application with monitoring functionality of users' mobility habits was created.

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SU-Eatable LIFE

SU-EATABLE LIFE - Reducing carbon emissions in the EU through sustainable diets

Il progetto triennale SU-EATABLE LIFE (consultabile a questo link) intende dimostrare il potenziale di riduzione delle emissioni di CO2 e del consumo idrico connesso all'adozione di diete sane e sostenibili. Nell’ambito del progetto sono state realizzate una serie di attività presso mense universitarie e aziendali ubicate in Italia e nel Regno Unito, facendo uso della piattaforma greenApes per coinvolgere attivamente i cittadini europei nell’adozione di una dieta sana e sostenibile. SU-EATABLE LIFE è un progetto europeo co-finanziato dal programma LIFE (LIFE16GIC/IT/000038). Partner di progetto. 


GOEASY - GalileO-based trustEd Applications for health and SustainabilitY

The GOEASY platform was created to enable services that create social and environmental value, by leveraging the characteristics of the GNSS signal (Galileo satellite constellation). As part of the project, greenApes has developed the GoPongo app, which promotes and rewards sustainable mobility: prizes for participants, lots of useful information for mobility managers, and the highest standards to protect citizens' privacy.
Project co-funded by the European Union: H2020 - No. 776261. Role: project partners.


e-Cube - The Energy Bank

Research, development, and testing of an innovative integrated energy exchange system, with the use of storage systems, between customers of an electricity provider registered in an "Energy Bank", to maximize the efficiency of production and use of energy from renewable sources. Project co-funded by the Tuscany Region under the POR FESR 2014-2020. Role: project partners.

greenApes in Munich

greenApes in Munich now!

greenApes was chosen to address the challenge posed by GreenCity e.V. the most important environmental organization in the city. Sub-grantee of the Social Challenges Innovation Platform project (Horizon 2020) - Agreement n. 734906
Project link



greenApes - frontiercities2 MAG

frontierCities2 enabled the second phase of the goApes project, which allowed an increase in the offering of rewards made available on the platform, at the national and European level, and to reward more and more citizens for their sustainable mobility choices. Project sub-grantee of frontierCities2 - Another Level of Impact Accelerator (Horizon 2020 - Agreement n. 732947, sub-grant agreement n. 003).


NEWTON Smart City Platform

The first phase of the Select4Cities project saw a joint proposal for the creation of an innovative digital platform to help Smart Cities planning, through responsible and valuable use of big data. Contractor (in partnership with Magenta srl) of the Select4Cities Pre-Commercial Procurement Project, Phase 1 (Horizon 2020 - Agreement n. 688196).

gA for employee engagement

greenApes Sustainability Software Service: Employee Engagement for Eco-innovation

The SME Instrument has been a great opportunity offered by the European Union to small and medium enterprises willing to do develop and market innovative solutions - in our case, to offer a sustainability engagement platform. SME Instrument Phase 1 (Horizon 2020 – Agreement n. 674441)


greenApes Employees Engagement Platform

The Incense project funded the creation of a digital platform dedicated to companies that wanted to promote sustainable actions among their employees, with a specific focus on energy efficiency savings. Project sub-grantee of Incense - Internet Cleantech Enablers Spark (Fiware Accelerate, 7th Framework Programme – Agreement n. 632852)


goApes for sustainable cities

With the goApes project, the greenApes platform introduced the concept of certified actions, via the integration with 3rd party services, which allow to reward citizens for their sustainable mobility choices. Pilot cities: Florence and Essen. Project sub-grantee of  frontierCities – European Cities driving the Future Internet (7th Framework Programme – Agreement n. 632853, sub-grant agreement n. 022)

greenApes for sustainable cities

greenApes for Sustainable Cities

The CHEST project provided the context to introduce real-life incentives on the greenApes Platform: citizens in Florence (Italy) and Essen (Germany) could be rewarded for their sustainable actions via new digital solutions and networks of local and eco-friendly businesses. Winning project of: CHEST - Collective enHanced Environment for Social Tasks (7th Framework Programme – Agreement n. 611333)


Support for research spin-offs

Thanks to this grant from Lazio regional funds, the greenApes project became an operating company!

POR FESR 2007/2013 - Regione Lazio Atto di impegno del 10/07/2012 - prot. n. FILAS-SO-2011-1057