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greenApes is the platform that transforms your sustainable actions into donations and rewards you for your positive impact. Download the app now and join the community - or scroll down to see how you can join with your organization or develop a project with us.


greenApes rewards your sustainable actions

Join the community

A jungle of ideas and fun challenges to complete (with lots of content to discover), where you can exchange tips and experiences with the community. Earn, donate, get rewarded!

Earn coins with your sustainable actions

Earn TWIN coins with your everyday sustainable actions such as walking and cycling, recycling, volunteering, and local consumption.


Donate points to support an initiative you care about

Donated coins are transformed into financial support for associations and NGOs safeguarding the planet and addressing social challenges. Donation campaigns are always active on greenApes with the support of sponsors and foundations: users contribute by donating their TWIN points (collected via sustainable actions).

Get rewarded!

Your donations allow you to access discounts and experiences offered by partners. Your commitment and everyday choices deserve a reward! Examples of partners and rewards you’ll find on the platform:

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Join with your organisation

greenApes is an ecosystem of people and companies committed to a better future. Does your company offer sustainable products or services? Does your app help people to live sustainably? Do you want to give your audience the opportunity to support environmental and social initiatives, by choosing your products or services? Become a greenApes partner and gain visibility: it’s free!


Engage your citizens, employees, customers, students, volunteers ...

Do you want to develop a project to engage participants and reward their actions? Mobility, circular economy, energy efficiency, environmental education, responsible consumption, sustainable diets, volunteering: greenApes is a flexible and easy-to-customize platform to engage citizens, employees, and stakeholders in your Carbon Neutrality, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and SDG inspired projects.

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We are a B Corp, founded in 2012

greenApes is a certified B Corp (Benefit Corporation) founded in 2012. greenApes' mission is to promote sustainable lifestyles and actions in the real world, via digital solutions. We have been fortunate enough to receive national and international acknowledgments for our commitment and the innovative solutions we work on.

Take the Lifestyle test and try a sustainable lifestyle

The Lifestyle Test allows people to calculate their carbon footprint and receive customized advice on how to reduce it more effectively. Public administrations and companies can promote the tool to their audiences encouraging the adoption of sustainable lifestyles by requesting dedicated access. The tool was created by the PSLifestyle project, funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 101037342, of which greenApes is the partner for Italy together with the Sustainable Development Foundation.


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