Active Initiatives

Through greenApes it is possible to concretely support associations, non-profit organizations and NGOs engaged in safeguarding the planet and in social missions. The TWIN coins donations, by greenApes users, grant support to ambitious projects, multiplying the value of your positive actions. Discover the active initiatives:

Iniziativa adozione giaguari

Let's adopt 10 Jaguars!

Let's adopt 10 jaguars with the WWF campaign. The adoption will help WWF activate anti-poaching teams and create "natural corridors" in the Amazon rainforest, through which jaguars can move freely


Iniziativa adozione foche

Let's adopt 10 seals!

Let's join forces to support the WWF campaign protecting seal pups.
In the Arctic and Antarctica, the accelerated ice melting forces seal pups to dive into the water ahead of time, before they have the chance of developing an adequate layer of blubber. With these adoptions, we will help WWF protect these habitats.

Iniziative concluse

Here are some examples of initiatives that have achieved their funding target.

Progetto senza titolo (5)

Help out Ugandan newborns with a safe cradle

Kokono is the first and only biodegradable life-saving crib, directly produced and distributed in Uganda to protect newborns from attacks by animals (including malarial mosquitoes, reptiles and rodents), accidental bumps and suffocation from co-sleeping, in contexts of poverty . KOKONO cradles have been developed with the involvement of more than 150 beneficiaries (mothers, doctors, nurses, midwives) in Uganda and are designed to bio-degrade in a very short time, if abandoned in an aerobic environment or in water, so as not to pollute areas where there are no effective waste disposal systems. The Kokono project was developed by De-LAB benefit company and certified B Corp.

The initiative reached its fundraising goal in 70 days.

logo amref sito

Help out the agro-pastoral populations of Africa adapting to climate change

The initiative is part of the HEAL project promoted by Amref Health Africa, whose goal is to improve the well-being and resilience to the shocks caused by climate change of vulnerable communities in pastoral and agro-pastoral areas of the Horn of Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia). The One Health approach is recognized as an effective and efficient means of controlling emerging pandemic threats, including antimicrobial resistance, diseases transmitted from animals to humans (zoonotic) and food safety. The HEAL project builds on this approach and will help nomadic pastoralist communities in the Horn of Africa to resist climate change. The supply of drought-resistant seedlings is one of the initiatives of the project.

The initiative reached its fundraising goal in 69 days.

Progetto senza titolo (4)

Help out schools in Prato to clean up their neighbourhood

During the school year, volunteers from Legambiente Prato coordinate park littering actions, cleaning of public and school gardens engaging classes ranging from primary to secondary level. The project is aimed at 10 classes, for a maximum of 2 classes per school complex. To carry out these initiatives, which take place mainly during school hours, Legambiente Prato provides schools with reusable gardening gloves (which are then donated to the participants), waste collection tongs, posters to be placed in the cleaned-up areas (in order to raise awareness among citizens), participation certificates for classes, as a sign of recognition for their commitment.

The initiative reached its fundraising goal in 64 days.