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About greenApes partners

greenApes partners are organizations that allow you to collect and spend BankoNut points, by rewarding your positive actions. Among our partners, you will find companies that offer sustainable products and services, but also NGOs, events, and initiatives.

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It's free!

greenApes partners are selected organizations. The partnership allows you to have visibility among a community of people who care about the planet and that are looking for products and services that can help them with their lifestyle.

The partners are visible on the app and on greenApes communication channels:

  • in the Rewards and Specials sections of the app

  • through the "social" storytelling of users

  • on the materials promoting special campaigns and challenges

How the partnership works

There are two types of interaction between greenApes partners and the community:

  1. Partners provide rewards (products, services, experiences...) that citizens can access by spending the BankoNuts collected for their sustainable actionsPartners assign BankoNuts to their customers and audiences for their sustainable actions (e.g. the purchase of eco-friendly products or services, volunteering, take-back programs...)
sustainable products and services

Who we work with

We collaborate with organizations that share our values and believe that encouraging and rewarding the sustainable actions of citizens is the right thing to do: partners get to join a network of organizations that care about the planet and actively contribute to the promotion of sustainable lifestyles.

  • E-commerces: online shops offering sustainable products or services
  • Local businesses: connected to their territories and to environmental awareness
  • Culture and Events: Museums, Theaters, Cinemas and recreational activities
  • Volunteering: associations and bottom-up initiatives
  • App and Services: sharing economy and more
  • Brands and manufacturers: eco-friendly producers and providers