Your actions are important, they deserve a reward

Earn BankoNut points with your everyday actions and explore a jungle populated by stories & ideas that will help your sustainable lifestyle! Join the community, get inspired and choose real rewards for the positive impact of your actions.

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It’s simple, it’s free

  1. Download the greenApes app (iOS, Android, Web)
  2. Earn BankoNuts for your real actions, by completing challenges and sharing ideas & experiences
  3. Use your BankoNutsto redeem rewards, discounts and experiences!

Earning BankNuts is easy!

You’ll earn BankoNuts for your everyday actions such as walking and cycling,  choosing sustainable products and services, recycling and volunteering, joining events and initiatives in your area. Collect even more points by completing fun Challenges and exchanging ideas & experiences with the community!


Sustainable mobility

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What kind of rewards are offered?

You can use your BankoNuts to access prizes, experiences, discounts, and rewards offered by online companies and local organizations. A token of gratitude for contributing to a more sustainable future. And soon you will be able to donate your points to support environmental and social projects!

Our partners

greenApes partners are organizations that allow you to earn and spend BankoNut points, rewarding your positive actions. Among the partners, you will find companies that offer sustainable products and services, but also non-profit associations, events, and initiatives.

Earn points automatically, connect your apps

greenApes is integrated with apps & services that you can link to your account to automatically earn points, day after day, for your sustainable choices. Here are some examples:

The community and our values

greenApes is a platform hosting a community of people and organizations. We collaborate with cities, companies, non-profit organizations, research centers, and universities in innovation projects. User privacy is our priority - we do not sell or make any commercial use of your data.

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Invite your team and reduce your footprint!

Do you want to invite colleagues, members of your association, students, customers or employees of your company to measure and reduce your environmental impact? greenApes can create a special invitation code to count your team's sustainable actions.

Download greenApes and find out all the rewards!

Join the community, what are you waiting for?