A digital eco-system, for the planet

At greenApes we constantly work on improving our  sustainability platform and creating value for all members, cities, organizations and businesses that are committed to a more sustainable future. A real digital eco-system in which to share green ideas and actions, where you can learn thanks to sharing mechanisms and where you can be rewarded for your sustainable behaviours.

We enable initiatives and campaigns

greenApes enables, develops and contributes to innovative projects with cities, companies and organizations that want to engage their audience in sustainable actions and behaviours.


We take part in research and innovation projects

We contribute to international research & development and innovation projects, working side by side with research centers, universities, companies, public administrations and NGOS.



GalileO-based trustEd Applications for health and SustainabilitY
Incentivizing sustainable mobility with highest privacy standards 




Reducing carbon emissions in the EU through sustainable diets
Promoting sustainable and healthy diets in company and university canteens


Prato Urban Jungle

Prato Urban Jungle

The first urban jungle
Engaging citizens in the creation of sustainable urban landscapes


Satellite apps

Satellite apps

We develop apps and technologies that allow the certification of sustainable behaviours. We also cooperate with third party software houses, to power rewarding and engagement mechanisms directly on their apps.