Develop your project with greenApes, the app rewarding sustainable behaviours

The greenApes platform is ready: customize it to launch your initiatives and achieve your goals. You can use the tool in complete autonomy or, if you wish, co-create and design your projects with the help of our team.

sustainable behaviours

Build your experience

Imagine a tool that allows you to define the behaviors you wish to promote, choose the featured content, measure the results, assess the impacts, and reward participation.



Which behaviors would you like to promote?

Define the actions and topics, choose whether to connect greenApes with existing sensors/apps / services, launch "challenges" and educational content!


Which environmental or social initiative do you want to support?

Choose an initiative you’d like to donate to, with greenApes. You can choose from a portfolio of projects promoted by NGOs or propose one you already have in mind.


What kind of rewards shall be activated?

Access a portfolio of eco-friendly awards. You can add custom rewards (single or per team) and enable collective rewards for achieving shared goals.

Who we work with



Engage citizens

grandi aziende

Large enterprises

Engage employees

no profit


Volunteers and Supporters

progetti di sostenibilità aziendale


Onboard your customers



Students & staff members



Design a project for your customers


Sustainable Mobility

 Promote sustainable commuting, measure behaviors


Awareness and Participation

Include educational videos, quizzes, and surveys, reward volunteering actions


Carbon Neutrality

Many solutions to certify sustainable actions and easily convert them into impact reductions


Consumption and Nutrition

Promote conscious consumption choices, reward healthy and sustainable diets


Engage your audience

Engage your citizens, customers, employees, students, or volunteers by measuring their impact, enabling social and gamified mechanisms in combination with tangible rewards. A powerful tool serving your CSR, ESG, and Carbon Neutrality projects. A platform that, by vocation, is perfectly aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

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