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The company

What is greenApes about?

greenApes is a digital platform founded to promote sustainable lifestyles. The app rewards your real-life positive actions, the sharing of inspiring stories and ideas as well as your participation in playful challenges and environmental campaigns. You can also use the points collected on the platform to access eco-friendly experiences, rewards, and discounts.

Is greenApes a Company, a project or an NGO?

greenApes is a certified Benefit Corporation, a for-profit company that poses at the core of its operations a strong environmental and social mission. We are a team of about 10 people, with offices in Florence, Italy. If you want to visit us drop a line at info (at) Our HQ are in: Via di San Quirico 233/2 Campi Bisenzio (Firenze) 50013 - Italy


I would like to share some feedback or ideas

Fantastic! Feedback is so important to help us improve the service :). If you want to share ideas, comments or questions we’ll be very happy to hear them. You can write us an e-mail at support (at)

The app

How can I sign in to greenApes?

You can sign up on your mobile phone (Android, iOS) or via the web app ( While registering you can confirm your identity via SMS or by using your Facebook, Google or Apple account (this option is available only on iOS devices or via web browsers). After your initial registration (completed by using one of the previous methods) you can use the same credentials to access your greenApes profile on other devices. Please make sure that you always access greenApes using the same method (SMS, Facebook, Google or Apple) you picked when you first signed up. If you will access greenApes using a different method the app will not be able to recognize you, and will ask you to create a new account. Notice that after signing up you can link more than one log-in method to your greenApes account. To do so just go to the “Profile settings” page of the app and scroll down: you will find a section that allows you to add more log-in methods to your profile. From that moment onwards you’ll be free to access greenApes using any of the methods you saved on your profile.

What are BankoNut points?

BankoNuts (BN) are the currency in the greenApes jungle. You can earn these rewarding points for your positive actions such as:

  • inspiring the community with your stories and ideas: the more Claps you collect the more BankoNuts you earn
  • certifying your real-life sustainable actions:
    • via the connection of External Apps to greenApes
    • by entering a Secret Code you received
    • checking-in at a venue partnering with greenApes
    • completing playful missions/challenges
    • for supporting the growth of the community by inviting friends.

How can I spend my BankoNuts?

You can spend your BankoNuts to claim eco-friendly rewards offered by greenApes partners.

How can I claim a reward?

1) Go to the “Rewards” section and tap/click on an offer you’re interested in. You’ll access a page with all the information about the reward and presenting the partner offering it. 2) At the bottom of this page you will find the “Claim this reward” button, which will be active if you have enough BankoNuts on your account 3) After selecting the “Claim this Reward” button you will be able to confirm the email address at which your voucher will be sent. The email voucher will include all the instructions on how to use it.


Should I try to share on greenApes every environmentally friendly activity I do?

Enjoy the service responsibly! The community of greenApes is always happy to be inspired by meaningful stories and experiences: be creative with your pictures, posts and comments. Keep in mind you can also automatically earn points for more ordinary and everyday activities, such as biking and walking, by connecting greenApes to external apps.

How can I connect an external app to start earning BankoNuts automatically?

Go to the “Specials” page: you will find a list of external apps that you can connect to greenApes (in your region). Choose and connect the ones you prefer: from that moment onwards you will automatically earn BankoNuts for the sustainable behaviours detected by these apps. For example, you can automatically earn BankoNuts every time you walk or bike, thanks to the integration with Google Health and Apple Fit. The BankoNuts earned for such activities will be visible in the BankoNuts Log.

Where can I find Secret Codes?

You can receive Secret Codes from greenApes partners that operate in the sustainable living sector and that can help you prove your sustainable actions. For example, you might get Secret Codes for volunteering with an NGO, for joining a green event, for bringing special waste at a recycling center, or for purchasing an eco-friendly product. Secret Codes will make you earn BankoNuts.

What is the Ape Rank?

The Ape Rank represents your level of experience in the greenApes Jungle: it will increase over time, as you share posts and carry out activities. You can always check out your current Ape Rank from the Profile section. As your Ape Rank level grows you will become more influential in the community: the greater your Ape Rank the higher is the amount of BankoNuts you will give with your “Claps” to the stories shared by other members

What are claps?

“Claps” are a way of showing appreciation for stories shared by other members. Scroll the Explore section to find stories shared by the community and Clap the ones you like by clicking on the “open hand” icon. By clapping these stories you will assign BankoNuts to the user that created that post. And of course, you will connect BankoNuts every time someone claps your stories!

How can I check my BankoNuts balance?

The BN balance is always available in the top left corner of mobile apps and in the top right bar of the web app. By clicking or tapping on the displayed number, you will access the BankoNuts Log, where you can find all the activities that made you earn and spend BankoNuts.

How can I filter the feed in the Explore section?

The feed will show you stories shared by other members of the community. You can switch between different feeds by tapping on the name of the feed you are seeing. In some regions and for some partner organisations additional custom feeds are available, that help them share experiences within their community.

Can I delete posts and comments I wrote?

Yes, you can delete both: to delete a post on the web app, click on the post to expand it and then click on the icon you will find in the top right bar. From that menu select the “Delete” command. On mobile apps click on the post and then click on the bin icon you will find in the top right bar. To delete a comment, click on the little arrow next to the comment and select “Delete”.

Can I edit my posts or comments?

No, at the moment you can only delete them (and create new ones!).

How do Challenges work?

You’ll find playful Challenges in the Specials section of the app. To complete a challenge you need to complete the tasks composing it. Tasks can be quite diverse: for each task you’ll find specific instructions. Each time you complete a challenge you’ll receive lots of BankoNut points, while some challenges might unlock special rewards.  You might need to tap on “Accept this challenge” to join some challenges, while in most cases you’ll join them automatically, by engaging directly with the tasks. Many challenges are always available on the app, but some Special (or seasonal) challenges might be active during specific time frames.

What is the Check-in functionality and how does it work?

The check-in functionality on the app allows you to earn BankoNuts by confirming your position in specific points of interest (e.g. the venue of a greenApes partner or a sustainability-related event). To Check-in tap on the “+” button (in the bottom bar of the mobile app) and then select “Check-in” to see a list of available venues/events in your area.

Why should I connect greenApes to my health / fit app?

By connecting greenApes with your Health (iOS) or Fit (Android) apps you will get to automatically earn BankoNuts points every time you bike or walk! You will earn points for walks/bike rides that are 1 Kilometer or more. Go to the Specials section of the app to get started!

I connected greenApes to my Health / Fit app but I am not receiving my BankoNuts?

You can always find your BankoNut points on the “BankoNuts log” page. If, after connecting greenApes with your Health / Fit app, you don’t see any points on your profile, try disconnecting the two apps (both from greenApes and from the Health / Fit app settings). Then try to connect the two apps again (from the greenApes app). Remember that only trips that are longer than 1 Km will make you earn points! Manually added or edited tracks will also not be accounted for.

I have a question that is not answered in the FAQ

Drop us an e-mail at support (at)

It looks like something is not working in the app…

You can write a private message to your Community Manager describing the problem or you drop us an e-mail at support (at)


How can I delete my account on greenApes?

You can delete your account from your profile settings. All the images and posts that you have shared will be deleted permanently and there will be no way to recover them. To delete your account go to your Profile Settings, scroll down and select follow the instructions.

Can I request a copy of all my data stored on greenApes?

Yes, you can. greenApes is a GDPR compliant company, which truly cares about privacy and user rights. To request a copy of all stored data go to your Profile Settings and select “Request a copy of my data”. We will send you the data within a couple of days. Please request a copy only if it’s important to you, we are a small team and it requires some work to provide you with all the information.