greenApes was founded as a company in 2012. During 2016 it changed its statute and became a Benefit Corporation (and certified B Corp): a for-profit company that has at the core of its business the creation of common societal and environmental benefits, in close connection with the communities that interact with its services. greenApes has the mission of promoting sustainable lifestyles, enabling via its digital platform, the certification and sharing of virtuous actions, and leveraging on gamified and rewarding dynamics. In accordance with Italian regulation applying to Benefit Corporations, here below we publish our yearly impact summaries, which are attached to the financial reports.

report 2020

report 2019

report 2018

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report 2016

greenApes has also been awarded, among global B Corps, as Best for the World Honoree in 2017, then in 2018 for the Governance category, in 2019 and 2020 both for the Governance and Changemakers categories and in 2021, once again, for Governance.

2021 Best of the world - governance
2019 best of the world - change makers
2019 best of the world - governance
2018 best of the world - governance
2018 best of the world - environment
2017 - best of the world