Hurray! You earned BankoNuts!

Your eco-friendly purchase deserves a reward, so here's a Secret Code you can use on greenApes, the app rewarding your sustainable actions. Enter the code on the app: you'll immediately receive your BankoNut points! You can use BankoNuts to claim real-life sustainable rewards, benefits, and experiences on the greenApes app.
On greenApes you can also exchange ideas and experiences with the community and participate in fun challenges: complete them to earn more BankoNuts and redeem new rewards!

punti BankoNut
Punti BankoNuts
Secret Code
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How to use your Secret Code

It's easy, it's free

  • Download greenApes app (iOS, Android, Web)

  • Once inside the app, tap on the "+" (in the navigation bar) and insert the Code you received

  • Your BankoNuts will be immediately added to your account

  • Go to the Rewards section!

Collecting BankoNuts is easy

Use the app to reward your everyday actions, such as walking or cycling, as well as your contribution to local initiatives. You can also exchange ideas & experiences with the community and other organizations that care about the planet!


Sustainable mobility

consumo locale

Local consumption








What kind of rewards?

You'll find organic products, tourist experiences, tree adoptions, ecological clothing, and many eco-friendly products and services, offered by our network of partners. And, if we have a special project in your region, you might find special offers promoted by local businesses!

Download greenApes to see all the rewards!

Join the community, what are you waiting for?

Join with your organization

Would you like to reward sustainable behaviors of citizens? You can join the greenApes platform for free! You can also involve your employees, students, or volunteers and reward their eco-friendly actions, by creating a custom experience for your target audience.

Shops & Brands

Reward your customers!

Large Enterprises

Engage your employees!

Events organizers and NGOs

Reward participation and volunteering!

Local authorities, schools and universities

Engage citizens and students!

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