Past projects

During its years of activity, greenApes took part in numerous projects - regional and European - with a public co-financing. Here below, we enlist the formal references to those projects:

“Sostegno agli Spin OFF da ricerca"

POR FESR 2007/2013 - Regione Lazio Atto di impegno del 10/07/2012 - prot. n. FILAS-SO-2011-1057 Thanks to this grant from Lazio regional funds, greenApes’ idea became reality

greenApes for Sustainable Cities

Project partner of: CHEST - Collective enHanced Environment for Social Tasks (7th Framework Programme) – Agreement n. 611333 The CHEST project allowed greenApes Platform to promote environmental sustainability via incentives: citizens in Florence (Italy) and Essen (Germany) could be rewarded for their sustainable behaviours

goApes for sustainable cities

Project sub-grantee of frontierCities – European Cities driving the Future Internet (7th Framework Programme) – Agreement n. 632853, sub-grant agreement n. 022 With the goApes project, greenApes platform was enhanced with certified actions, that allow to reward citizens for their sustainable mobility choices, in Florence and Essen

greenApes Employees Engagement Platform

Project sub-grantee of Incense - Internet Cleantech Enablers Spark (Fiware Accelerate, 7th Framework Programme) – Agreement n. 632852 The Incense project funded the creation of a digital platform dedicated to Companies willing to promote sustainable actions of their employees

greenApes Sustainability Software Service: Employee Engagement for Eco-innovation

SME Instrument Phase 1 (Horizon 2020) – Agreement n. 674441
The SME Instrument is a great opportunity offered by the European Union to small enterprises willing to do research on innovative solutions - in our case, for sustainability promotion. NEWTON Smart City Platform Subcontractor (in partnership with Magenta srl) of the Select4Cities Pre-Commercial Procurement Project, Phase 1 (Horizon 2020) - Agreement n. 688196 The first phase of the Select4Cities project involved several innovative digital solutions for Smart Cities - in particular regarding sustainable mobility

greenApes MAG

Project sub-grantee of frontierCities2 - Another Level of Impact Accelerator (Horizon 2020) - Agreement n. 732947, sub-grant agreement n. 003 frontierCities2 was the second phase of the goApes project, that allowed an increase in the offer of rewards available on the platform, at national and European level, to reward more and more citizens for their sustainable choices

greenApes in Munich now!

Sub-grantee of the Social Challenges Innovation Platform project (Horizon 2020) - Agreement n. 734906 Thanks to this project, greenApes could launch a new community in Munich, Germany. Like in Florence and Essen, also in Munich users could participate to dedicated activities

greenApes received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 732947 sub-grant agreement 003. greenApes was supported by the EU under the FP7: CHEST project (grant agreement 611333) FIWARE frontierCities accelerator programme (grant agreement 632853-022).
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