Milan: join SharingMi

greenApes is the platform powering SharingMi, an initiative launched by the city of Milan and consorzio Poliedra, under the European Project SharingCities. Visit to learn more.

What's SharingMi about?

Getting involved is free and simple. When you sign up to greenApes, pick Milan as your city and join SharingMi, a community of people doing amazing things to help make Milan better. The app will help you earn points that you can redeem as a reward for living better.

Who gives you BankoNuts for your green activities?

greenApes partners allow you to certify your green activities and earn points for having a positive impact.

Find secret codes at green events, during volunteering activities, for choosing sustainable products and services... You can also connect greenApes to the following apps, so to collect points automatically for your green behaviours

Bike share in town and earn BankoNuts for your rides
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Legambiente Lombardia
Follow the profile on the app and find out how you can earn BankoNuts in town
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The app monitoring your energy consumption at home
1589196360 logospica
Junker App
The app that helps you sorting your waste
1589195322 junker
Apple Health
Connect it to greenApes and automatically earn BankoNuts for walking and biking!
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Google Fit
Connect it to greenApes and automatically earn BankoNuts for walking and biking!
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Some examples of rewards

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