greenApes is in Florence

Florence was the first city in which the greenApes scheme was launched. The social network started rewarding citizens for their green actions and ideas on September 30, 2015.

What are the apes doing in town?

On top of earning BankoNuts for their actions and inspiration, users in Florence get rewarded for special activities.

Apes also get to meet up in offline events and workshops, and have plenty of choices for using their BankoNuts and picking real life rewards.

How can you earn BankoNuts in town?

Beyond inspiring other apes and validating mobility actions, Florence citizens can earn extra BankoNuts for purchasing public transport subscription tickets and for taking special waste to the recycling stations!

Plenty of BankoNuts for your public transport monthly and yearly passes
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Junker App
The app that helps you sorting your waste
1589195322 junker
Apple Health
Connect it to greenApes and automatically earn BankoNuts for walking and biking!
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Bring your unwanted waste to Quadrifoglio and earn BankoNuts
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Google Fit
Connect it to greenApes and automatically earn BankoNuts for walking and biking!
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Examples of rewards

Recently claimed rewards

Vegetarian hamburger from Veg&Veg
A book by Marco Catellacci on How To Save Money On Bills With The 3G Method

Want to become a partner?

Joining greenApes is simple. If you offer green or ethical products and services, you can start rewarding the positive impact of your fellow citizens right away.

Who are the apes in Florence?

Short answer? A bunch of cool citizens who care about the planet. Some experienced apes are a great source of inspiration. Other newcomers are finding their way towards a sustainable lifestyle. And everybody enjoys.

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Anna The Ape
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Michele Pierangeli
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Sabrina e Marco

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