Value for cities

Promoting sustainable lifestyles is one of the greatest challenges of our times. greenApes is here to help you, whether you’re a citizen, a public institution, a local NGO or any other agent of change.

Who works with us?

Public administrations love greenApes as it creates a system in which citizens are rewarded for their impact. NGOs and citizen groups adopt it to reach more people to disseminate their initiatives and reserve special treats for their volunteers.

Local businesses gain visibility in town among their target audience, while contributing to the rewarding of ethical citizens and customers. Foundations and sponsors get to contribute to the wellbeing of local communities, and get true engagement in return for their donations.

And who are you?
Public Admin
NGO / citizen group
Local business or sponsor
Who endorsed greenApes?

greenApes is supported by the European Union under the 7th Framework program. CHEST project (grant agreement 611333) FIWARE frontierCities accelerator programme (grant agreement 632853-022).
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