Real life rewards for your positive impact

How about a free smoothie or a dessert treat? Fancy a discount at your favourite vintage store? Or perhaps you’d like to try out some outdoor sports in nature?

The value of your impact is priceless, but a special treat is well deserved by citizens who, like you, take care about the planet with their actions and inspiration.

Who are greenApes partners?

Our rewards are offered by our partners, a club of cool organisations who offer eco-friendly products and services and are happy to contribute to the rewarding of ethical citizens like you.

Some examples of greenApes rewards

discount on technical support on Notebook or Desktop
Ecoelettronica S.a.S.
5% off your purchase
Café del Ángel
a free fruit extract
Dharma's Cake
a free vegan dessert
Veggy Days
Omaggio dolce da Ecrù, Raw Food and Art Gallery
Un dolce in omaggio
a free apple juice bottle
Il Granaio di Eva e Nadia
Who endorsed greenApes?

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