Engage your customers

Attract new customers and engage your existing client base through our campaigns and competitions . If you’re offering green or ethical products and services, greenApes is the digital partner you are looking for.

We have dedicated solutions for local stores & ecommerces, producers & providers, all the way up to international brands and retail chains.

Are you the owner of a venue and would like to attract green customers in your city? Do you manage an e-commerce store online? Become a partner in our public platform and start rewarding green citizens.
Producers and providers
Are you producing sustainable products or providing green services to your clients on larger scale? Get in touch, gain visibility and design loyalty and acquisition campaigns.
Brands and retailers
Listening and involving customers in your sustainability journey is your next goal? Bring your greenApes experience to a fully tailored level.
Reach out to your customers

Every day on greenApes users recommend each other eco-products and services. They love to share and discover new brands and products. This makes greenApes an ideal platform for having friendly spontaneous conversations with consumers, empowering them as your ambassadors.

As a third party project, with a clear societal mission, greenApes has a strong appeal to customers, and can help you connect with your target audience. And while you do so, you’ll be promoting sustainable living.

Media, partners and supporters

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