Partnership Agreement

Given that:

A. greenApes srl Benefit Corporation, tax code and VAT number IT12116111001 with headquarters in Campi Bisenzio (Florence) via San Quirico 233/2, hereafter called "the Promoter" created the project "greenApes for Sustainable Cities" for the incentivisation of eco-sustainable lifestyles (Project), to be promoted through the greenApes platform (Platform). Platform users collect points called "BankoNuts" (Points), which can be redeemed to obtain special offers in selected Rewarding Partners participating in the Project.

B. The Partner (whose data are reported in the Partnership form above), is interested in a free collaboration with the Promoter to get visibility on the Platform.

The parties agree as follows:

  1. (Network). The Partner is a commercial partner of the Project as described below.

  2. (Mechanism). The mechanism of the Project is as follows: (a) greenApes establishes, at its sole discretion, the mechanisms for allocating the Points and the duration of the Project; (b) users accumulate Points on the Platform; (c) when the user selects an offer from a Partner, the Platform sends the user a unique coupon code and simultaneously sends the coupon code and the name of the user to the selected Partner chosen by the user. (d) The Partner verifies that the coupon presented by the user corresponds to the one sent by the Platform and notifies the Platform that the specific coupon was redeemed by that user.

  3. (Visibility). greenApes will give visibility to the Partner and its offers in various sections of its application, with the procedures and modalities established by greenApes.

  4. (Offers). The Partner authorizes greenApes to keep their reward(s) active on the Platform for the Duration of the Partnership Agreement. The Partner may vary the reward(s) by giving a minimum of seven working days notice and no more than once a month. The offer may include some special conditions (eg. offer not valid on weekends, limited number of offers per month, etc.) and must specify the terms of use (eg pick-up in the store, entering a coupon ecode in the online store and so on).

  5. (Materials). The material sent by the Organizer to the Promoter may be used by greenApes on all its communication channels, and the Partner authorises greenApes to make changes if deemed necessary (cutting photos, shortening texts, etc.).

  6. (Advertising). In the case of a physical store, the Partner must display the communication material (eg stickers / mini-posters) provided by greenApes on their show-window, or in a prominent position for the customers, to signal the adhesion to the Project. In case of an onlline store or service, the Partner must display on its website the clickable logo provided by greenApes and assign BankoNuts (greenApes rewarding points) to customers for their eco-friendly purchases via a mechanism of choice agreed with the greenApes Team.

  7. (Free admission). The activities foreseen by this convention are free. Each party will bear its own costs without the right to reimbursement or any compensation from the other party.

  8. (Duration). This agreement will take effect upon acceptance of this agreement and will last for 24 months. The Partner may choose to activate the Automatic Renewal Option which allows an automatic renewal of the present contract for additional 24 months every time on the expiry date of the current agreement.

  9. (Withdrawal). Each party may withdraw at any time by giving one week's notice in writing to the other Party. The Partner must however allow users to enjoy the offers selected until the time of withdrawal. The withdrawal does not have retroactive effect.

  10. (Transition period). Both parties reserve the right to withdraw freely from the contract within 15 days of signing, after discretional assessment of the convenience of the agreement and compliance of the Partner’s activities with the policy and the scope of the Promoter. The obligations deriving from the publication of the Offer on the platform remain unchanged.

The Parties specifically approve the art. 9 (Withdrawal). *

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